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Getting the Munchies: What Are Exotic Snacks?

Exotic snacks are an exciting combination of familiar brands and recipes with fun new flavors and formulations.

You can find all kinds of exotic snacks, from brands you know and love to entirely new and very popular snacks from countries across the globe. It’s a broad category. That means there’s something for just about everyone when it comes to exotic snacks.

Let’s take a closer look at exotic snacks. We’ll look at where they come from, what makes a snack “exotic,” how to get them, and much more.

The Basics of Exotic Snacks

What are Exotic Snacks?

Unlike many of our products, like CBD and Delta 8, exotic snacks aren’t precisely defined. There is no specific chemical structure or federal legislation that explains what is or isn’t an exotic snack.

Instead, defining what exotic snacks are is a more casual and practical process. We can break down the term into its two components to get a better understanding:

  • Exotic has two definitions, according to Merriam-Webster, that certainly apply to these treats. The first is “introduced from another country, not native to the place where found.” The second is “strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual.”
  • Snacks can be just about anything eaten between meals, or even as a quick, light meal. They’re easy to eat and usually don’t require much preparation. They often cross over with the idea of a treat — a small reward or the source of a little happiness on a busy day.

So, an exotic snack is a little treat or, really, any kind of food that is not produced in the US. They can be totally new and even a little unusual. Or, they might bring together a familiar brand and product with a new-to-you flavor or formulation.

By this definition, exotic snacks come from other countries. Successful brands and manufacturers tend to develop products with local palates and preferences in mind.

That’s why you’ll find snacks like Hershey’s Mandarin Waffles and Hazelnut Waffles produced in South Korea. Almost everyone in the US has heard of that famous chocolate and confectionary brand. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find Hershey’s waffles in the average American convenience store or supermarket.

That combination of familiar brands and new flavors and product formats is part of the fun. They’re different without being too different.

Of course, there are entirely new exotic snacks to enjoy, too. Meiji’s Hello Panda filled cookies, like the Strawberry flavor, are just one of many examples. Trying something totally new, especially when you know you normally like the type of food or flavor, is a great way to expand your horizons.

Why are Exotic Snacks Becoming More Popular?

There are plenty of potential reasons why exotic snacks seem to be growing in popularity in recent years. While these aren’t definitive explanations for the explosion in exotic snacking, the following factors provide some helpful context:

  • The power of the global supply chain. The global supply chain makes it surprisingly simple to ship snacks from one country to another. Modern retailers can find international snack distributors more easily than in the past, too.
  • Increasing awareness for businesses and consumers. As much as the US is a cultural powerhouse, culture continues to become more global. The internet has broken down barriers between cultures by making it easy to learn about other countries and their cultures (including favorite snacks!).
  • People like to try new things. Some people love predictability, but many others enjoy new flavors, textures, and foods. Because exotic snacks are increasingly easy to get, more and more people are starting to try them.

Not sure where to start with trying exotic snacks? We highlighted a few of our favorite brands in this article. From sodas and chips to cookies and candy, there’s a suggestion that will suit just about any palate.

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Where to Find Exotic Snacks

Exotic snacks aren’t available everywhere. For some fans of these international snacks and drinks, that’s part of the fun. Hunting down a personal favorite can feel more satisfying than buying the same brand of candy bar that’s on sale at every convenience store and supermarket.

Of course, there are limits — even for the most dedicated snack hunters. That’s why buying exotic snacks online is such a powerful option. There’s still the anticipation of the delivery date and a tasty treat, but the guarantee of getting exactly what you want is nice, too.

Where Can I Find Exotic Snacks?

If you live in a major city, or any area with a large international population, you can probably find international supermarkets near you. These specialist stores stock a wide range of foreign products, often focusing on a specific part of the world.

International supermarkets purchase wholesale exotic snacks and then provide them for retail sale. In this way, they serve as exotic snack distributors.

In areas with lots of international residents, or large groups of people whose ancestors came from a specific part of the world, other businesses might offer exotic snacks. Convenience stores and specialty food stores are a few examples.

How can you get your hands on exotic snacks if you don’t live anywhere near this kind of market? What if it’s too much of a pain to travel all the way across your city to stock up on your favorites? And what about getting exotic snacks that your local international market doesn’t stock?

You don’t need to travel across your city, or head to the closest large metropolis, to get your hands on these unique snacks. Delta 8 Resellers can deliver a wide range of international snacks right to your doorstep! Build your own exotic snack box in your shopping cart, or pick just a few to start.

At Delta 8 Resellers, we pride ourselves on stocking something for just about everyone. Ready to try something new, or order an exotic snack you already know you love? Check out our selection of exotic snacks!


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