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Exotic Drinks / Soda

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  • exotic coke white bottle
    Exotic Drinks / Soda

    Coca Cola Energy + Soda | 500ml

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  • exotic mirinda watermelon flavor
    Exotic Drinks / Soda

    Exotic Mirinda Soda | 500ml

    $6.60 Select options
  • exotic minute maid fruit milk | 450g
  • exotic pepsi 1
    Exotic Drinks / Soda

    Exotic Pepsi Soda | 500ml

    $7.75 Select options
  • exotic redbull yellow can short
  • chi forest sparkling water lychee fizzy
  • fanta tropical green soda
    Exotic Drinks / Soda

    Exotic Fanta Soda Can | 325ml

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  • red bull red
    Exotic Drinks / Soda

    Exotic Red Bull | 170ml

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  • sparkling soda apple flavor
  • ocean bomb bubble milk tea
  • ocean bomb mango sparkling soda
  • tasty mango creamy soda
    Exotic Drinks / Soda

    UCC Creamy Soda | 490ml

    $7.75 Select options
  • fanta exotic soda | 500ml
    Exotic Drinks / Soda

    Fanta Exotic Soda | 500ml

    From: $5.00 Select options
  • tomomasu white peach soda | 300ml
  • coca cola peach | 500ml
    Exotic Drinks / Soda

    Coca Cola Peach Soda | 500ml

    $7.75 Add to cart

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