510 Cartridges

What are 510 cartridges? Also called 510 thread cartridges, among other names, are the standard carts compatible with most vape batteries. The “510” refers to the threading, where the cart screws into the battery (also called a vape pen). These 510 thread carts are filled with a variety of cannabinoid extracts, like Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC as well as blends. With such a broad selection of 510 thread vape cartridges, it’s easy to find an exciting new extract or old favorite!

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  • hixotic trap d out jeffrey 2g cartridge candy land
  • torch live resin diamonds 3.5g cartridge dream queen
  • trip drip blacked out 2g cartridge g13
  • cali extrax level up 2g cartridge bubba kush
  • chapo sicario blend cartridge strawberry sauce
  • half bakd 2g thc a cartridge strawberry mamba
  • Sale! canna river delta 8 cartridge blue dream
  • Sale! Canna River HHC Cartridge 1000mg Cherry AK
  • zombi blackout blend 2g cartridge watermelon og
  • zombi sleep walker blend 2g cartridge strawberry
  • delta extrax lights out 1g cartridge double bubble og
  • urb liquid badder cartridge 2.2g waterberry kush
  • cake wavy 3g 510 cartridge zlushpuppy w cart
  • urb saucy thc diamonds 2.2g cart juicy fruit
  • Sale! urb thc infinity cartridge lemonade kush 2
  • chapo extrax supermax 2x2g cartridges chiquita banana papaya punch
  • Sale! dabbit nugs bunny blue dream .5g cartridge thc a
  • modus knock out blend cartridge 2g gods gift
  • modus knock out hxc blend 2.0 cartridge 2g ak47
  • zaza 2g black box liquid diamonds cartridge blackberry kush
  • delta extrax 2g cartridge wreckd twisted citrus
  • hixotic 2g cartridge purple sunset
  • purlyf d8 1g cartridge strawnana
  • cake $$$ 3g 510 cartridge nyc diesel w cart

Need a 510 Cartridge Battery?

A 510 cartridge only works with a 510 battery. We don’t want that to sound discouraging — 510 thread is the most common option by far for carts and batteries. They’re easy to find. 

You won’t have to look very far, whether you’re ordering Delta 8 510 carts for the first time or your old battery has worn out. Check out our selection of 510 batteries and make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your extracts when they arrive.

Are 510 Cartridges Safe?

Yes! 510 cartridges are used every day by people who want to enjoy a wide range of federally legal, hemp-derived cannabinoids. Their simple construction doesn’t leave much room for any risk.

Can I Fill My Own 510 Cartridges?

In theory, yes. However, it would be quite a project to grow your own hemp, extract the cannabinoids, and then fill your cartridges. You’d need a farm, a lab, and more! Our pre-filled 510 cartridges mean you can place your order and start enjoying your extracts as soon as they arrive.

Looking to Buy Delta 8 510 Cartridges Online?

At Delta 8 Resellers we know that finding the best quality CBD and Delta 8 products online can be difficult and time-consuming. 

Our goal is to make your experience stress free from start to finish! We’ve made it our mission to carry only the best Delta 8 brands available at the lowest prices online. Create an account to earn rewards points redeemable on future purchases and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $50!


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