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  • elyxr la one and done gummies strawberry watermelon
  • elyxr thca diamonds 3g preroll peach orange guava
  • elyxr thc a dabs 1g train wreck
  • elyxr la thcp 100mg gummies blue razz
  • elyxr thca 5g diamond lemon jack
  • elyxr thca preroll summer melon
    Flower & Pre-Rolls

    ELYXR THC-A Pre-Roll | 1.5g

    $14.99 Select options
  • elyxr one and done 1g disposable la confidential
  • elyxr hhcp 90% disposable vape | 500mg
  • elyxr 90% thc p disposable 500mg orange soda 0.5ml disp
  • elyxr d9o live resin disposable 2g strawberryshortcake
  • elyxr live resin galactic blend disposable 2g tahoe alien
  • elyxr thc a live resin disposable 1g french toast
  • elyxr live resin d8 cartridge 1g hawaiian haze
  • elyxr d9o chocolate 100mg
  • elyxr gummies galactic blend
  • elyxr gummies 150mg blue razz
  • elyxr gummies mutant blend
  • elyxr gummies love doctor
  • elyxr amanita muscaria mushroom gummies | 5000mg
  • elyxr 2g blunts silver surfer
    THC-A Products

    ELYXR THC-A Blunt | 2g

    $18.99 Select options
  • elyxr 1g preroll strawberry cough
    Flower & Pre-Rolls

    ELYXR THC-A Joint | 1g

    $10.99 Select options
  • elyxr d8 pain relief gel 8oz
  • elyxr thc a diamond dabs 1g blueberry

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