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THCA is the chemical that turns into Delta 9 THC when heated or dried (or, to be technical, decarboxylated). When you use THCA products, like THCA carts and THCA flower or pre-rolls, you create THC and enjoy all the effects that come with it! Find our full range of THCA products right here.

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What is THCA?

THCA is found in fresh hemp and cannabis flower. TCHA’s chemical structure converts into THC, specifically Delta 9 THC, as those plants are dried and processed.

THCA in its raw form doesn’t have a psychoactive effect, or high. It may have some properties similar to CBD, though, like relieving pain and discomfort.

However, heating raw THCA will activate its psychoactive properties. Then, it will deliver popular effects like an elevated mood and altered perceptions!

If you’re comparing Delta 8 and THCA, remember that the second option is a precursor to Delta 9, and Delta 9 is generally seen as stronger than Delta 8.

When THCA comes from hemp, it’s federally legal and can be purchased and shipped to many states.

This cannabinoid is available in a wide range of products, from vapes and edibles to flower and pre-rolls. Shop all of our pure THCA products and products containing THCA in blends with other cannabinoids right here!

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