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How Long Do THC-infused Drinks Last? A Practical Guide

There’s no one way to enjoy cannabinoids. From smoking and vaping to edibles and tinctures, there’s something for everyone.

Cannabinoid-infused drinks, also called THC-infused drinks in casual settings, are quickly gaining popularity. These beverages deliver great flavors along with the elevated mood commonly caused by cannabinoids.

So, what are THC-infused drinks, exactly? How long do THC-infused drinks last? Keep reading to learn more about these extra-special canned, bottled, and homemade beverages.

What are THC-infused Drinks?

The simplest definition of THC-infused drinks is “beverages that include cannabinoids.” Instead of smoking, vaping, or eating a cannabinoid, you drink it. Cannabinoids themselves are chemicals found in cannabis and hemp plants that produce effects in the human body.

THC-infused drinks can be purchased in bottles and cans, pre-packaged and ready to drink. You can also make your own THC drinks at home with syrups, tinctures, and even flower.

The phrase “THC-infused” can be a bit misleading if the drink contains a different type of cannabinoid, like HHC. However, the intent is not to deceive you. The effects of most other cannabinoids (although not all — CBD is a notable exception) are similar in the big picture to the various forms of THC.

People use THC-infused drinks to relax, unwind, and have a good time. Some people drink THC and similar cannabinoids as an alternative to alcohol. They provide effects like an elevated mood and an altered sense of perception.

Do THC-infused drinks get you high? For the vast majority of users, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

How do THC-infused Drinks Work?

Cannabinoid-infused drinks are processed by your body in a similar way to what happens when you eat edibles. The key difference between smoking or vaping vs. eating or drinking cannabinoids is metabolic activity.

When you smoke or vape cannabinoids, they pass into your bloodstream through your lungs. When you eat or drink them, your digestive system acts on those chemicals before you start to feel their effects.

On a practical level, the experience of using a THC-infused drink can feel different than smoking or vaping. The overall effects are very similar, but key differences include:

  • Delayed onset. The time it takes your body to process a cannabinoid-infused drink means the effects won’t be felt immediately. The timeline for many users to feel initial effects is roughly 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Longer experience. The effects of these drinks can last for several hours—much longer than the average for smoking or vaping.
  • Smooth, gradual start and finish. The effects of a THC-infused beverage tend to come on gradually and end the same way.
  • Potential for more intense effects. Although dose is a major factor, some users report edibles and beverages have more powerful effects than smoking or vaping.

It takes a long time for the effects of these beverages to kick in. With that in mind, we recommend the “start low and go slow” approach for first-time users. Whether it’s your first time overall or first experience with a specific cannabinoid or drink, take a careful approach.

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Are THC-infused Drinks Legal?

Delta 9 THC is the most common cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. In casual settings, the term “THC” generally refers to that specific cannabinoid.

Delta 9 THC that’s sourced from cannabis plants is illegal on the federal level. However, a majority of states have legalized medical use, recreational use, or both, as MJBizDaily explains.

Hemp-derived cannabinoids, including hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, are legal federally. Crucially, that means many users can order these products online and have them shipped to their front doors.

However, some states and municipalities restrict or ban the sale, possession, or use of hemp-derived cannabinoids. We strongly recommend looking into state and local laws relevant to where you live before placing an order.

How Long Do THC-infused Drinks Last?

THC-infused drinks are food items. They’re similar to products like Delta 8 gummies in that they can’t remain safe and enjoyable indefinitely. The vast majority of foods degrade over long periods of time, even when stored in the best possible conditions.

If a THC-infused drink looks, smells, or tastes unpleasant or different than what you’re used to from that brand, don’t drink it. This is a situation where, depending on the beverage, food poisoning can come into play.

It’s a small but very real risk, so it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Even for drinks that don’t expire, their flavor and potency will weaken with enough time.

However, you shouldn’t get too worried about a THC-infused drink expiring, at least as long as you purchased it from a reputable brand and dependable retailer. High-quality brands put expiration dates on THC-infused drinks, as well as the syrups used to make such beverages.

Do THC-infused Drinks Spoil?

As the US Department of Agriculture explains, standard sodas in fully sealed containers are not perishable. They don’t spoil and develop bacteria or fungi that can cause health problems. However, they lose carbonation and flavor over time.

The same concept applies to similar THC-infused drinks, although not all such beverages.

Checking the expiration date is an easy way to ensure you have a fresh drink. For many THC-infused beverages, this is more of a quality and potency issue than one of safety. Flavors and the cannabinoids themselves degrade over time.

Keep in mind that some packaged beverages and many homemade ones can include ingredients that will spoil after enough time. They can potentially cause health issues related to food safety. The good news is that, for packaged beverages, the expiration date is generally many months or even years past the date of manufacture.

There’s no one answer to the question, “how long do THC-infused drinks last?” Instead, the ingredients, formulation, specific cannabinoids, and more can influence how long they remain safe, tasty, and potent.

Where Can I Get High-Quality THC-infused Drinks?

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