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Your Delta-8 Diamond Crash Course

“Delta 8 diamonds” is a common term that’s used to refer to crystalline cannabinoids in a highly concentrated form.

This type of cannabinoid product doesn’t contain Delta 8 by itself. Instead, diamonds almost always have THCA or CBD as their major active ingredient. However, diamonds are sometimes included along with other cannabinoids (like Delta 8) in options like pre-rolls.

We’re not talking about a specific brand, like Green Diamond Delta 8 or Cake Delta 8 Diamonds. Instead, we’re discussing all types of diamonds. Keep reading to learn more about diamonds, CBD, Delta 8, THCA, and more.

What Are Delta 8 Diamonds Made From?

Delta 8 diamonds contain about 98% pure THC crystals. There are only nominal traces of other cannabinoids and terpenes. That’s about as pure as you can get!

Delta 8 diamonds refer to one of two things:

The first is tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) crystalline. These are also called THCA diamonds. 

These diamonds are different from THC-P. They’re formed from crystallizing tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. THC-P diamonds are developed in a terpene-rich solution sometimes marketed as “terp sauce”.

The second is cannabidiol (CBD) crystals, which are a form of CBD isolate. These are the purest form of cannabidiol. CBD diamonds are composed of at least 98% cannabidiol.

Besides their effects, the principal difference between both types of diamonds is how they’re processed and refined. 

The most common is the supercritical CO₂ process. The plants themselves get processed and filtered. This removes excess waxes and other unwanted components. 

The end result is a CBD isolate. Its appearance can range from powdery crystal, like fine sugar, to what look like small chunks of rock candy.

Regardless of how they’re processed, both types are pure cannabinoids in crystalline form. But, before the processing and refining, how are diamonds formed?

How Delta 8 Diamonds Are Formed

Let’s break this process down. Granted, it’s more complex and precise than this, but this will give you a general idea of how Delta 8 diamonds are formed. 

Have you ever had honey that sat in the back of your pantry and crystalized on the bottom? CBD diamonds are formed in a similar way. First, a thick,honey-like cannabis extract is made by concentrating hemp. This is the “terp sauce” we mentioned earlier.

Over time, the diamonds naturally crystalize at the bottom of the container. The natural alcohol and water evaporate from the cannabis extract. 

Of course, a lot is left to chance if you let diamonds form naturally. The process is sped up and controlled to be purer, timelier, and more cost-effective.

The diamonds that are “mined” from these containers. Then, they’re covered in the thickened, concentrated, residual cannabis extract. 

The remaining super-concentrated extract is then extracted. It can be used on its own in vape cartridges that are sometimes called “sauce carts”.

The diamonds can be left “raw” with the residual cannabis extract on them, or they can be refined and concentrated even more. This additional process makes the diamonds stronger and more potent.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Pure cannabis extract does not create bigger diamonds. Their size and shape are influenced by environmental factors, like temperature and moisture in the extraction process. 

This means that bigger diamonds may have more impurities in them. And the smaller diamonds made from the finest, most organic cannabis extract may actually be purer than smaller diamonds.

For example, you could mine an enormous diamond from cannabis extract that is full of solvents and chemical impurities, such as sterols, lipids, and other terpenes, altering the crystallization process. When impurities disrupt the crystallization of the cannabinoids, it affects the diamond structure.

Here Are The Two Most Popular Ways To Use Delta 8 Diamonds

1. Dabbing D8 Diamonds

This is a popular way to use Delta 8 diamonds. Like other forms of smoking and vaping, you melt the diamonds and inhale the cloud of smoke. 

However, dabbing isn’t exactly that simple. You need a certain piece of equipment before you dab, like a torch lighter, a dabbing tool, a dab rig, and, of course, your diamonds.

In order to dab diamonds, you put the diamonds on the dab tool and you heat them with the torch lighter until they’re red hot. Then you wait about a minute to let the heated diamonds cool off, so you don’t burn yourself, then you inhale. Because the Delta 8 diamonds are concentrated, and the vapor is coming in direct contact with your bloodstream, the effects are almost immediate.

Dabbing can be a little expensive and the process is somewhat time-consuming. So, although this is a popular way to use Delta-8 diamonds, it’s not the most convenient. Also, because you’re working with an open flame, it isn’t always the safest method either.

2. Vaping D8 Diamonds

Vaping is the No. 1 most popular way to use Delta 8 diamonds. Vaping is very similar to dabbing in that you’re inhaling heated Delta-8 diamond vapor. However, vaping and dabbing have some distinct differences.

All you need is either a disposable vape pen, or a reusable vape pen and a cartridge. Then, you just press the button (if needed on your vape) and inhale. That’s it! It’s that simple! 

You don’t have to worry about the vapor getting too hot. You don’t have to worry about being safe around an open flame. The vape pen does it all for you. 

This is why vaping is by far the most popular way to use Delta-8 diamonds. It’s more convenient, safer, and it overall tastes better.

Finding a High-Quality, Reliable Supplier for All of Your Cannabinoids 

There are many more ways to use Delta 8 diamonds, but it’s also important to research your supplier. 

Pure diamonds offer the best results, and you’ll only find them through a higher-end, reputable retailer.

Delta 8 Resellers is proud to offer a full range of hemp-derived, federally legal cannabinoids. That includes Delta 8 diamonds as well as many other cannabinoid and CBD products! 

Because we share the results of independent third-party lab tests for all of our products, you can count on quality. Don’t just take our word for it — check out the results yourself!

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