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4 Foreign Snacks You Need To Try

Snacking should be anything but boring.

If your old standbys have started to feel a little repetitive lately, foreign snacks and drinks can help. You can try out new flavors and recipes from your favorite brands, pick a totally new and different snack, or both!

At Delta 8 Resellers, we stock a variety of foreign candy and snacks to help you satisfy your sweet tooth. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite foreign snacks from leading international brands. 

Why Try Foreign Snacks & Drinks?

If you like snacks, you’re not alone. IBISWorld estimated the total market size of US snack food production as $48 billion in 2022.

That’s just the United States, though. There’s a whole world of exotic snacks out there. And you won’t find most of them at an average grocery store.

Ever feel like your favorite snacks are a little too predictable? Don’t get us wrong, landing on a favorite is a good thing. But when they start feeling too repetitive, even a flavor-packed snack can seem like a letdown.

Foreign snacks and drinks are a great way to shake things up!

Mixing things up with new flavors, textures, and experiences helps you broaden your horizons. Breaking up a boring routine can make your longtime favorite snacks seem a little fresher and more flavorful, too.

The chips, cookies, candies, and drinks we’ll highlight in the next section are from big-name international brands. They’re already well-known for consistency and great flavors. 

We think these are some of the very best foreign drinks and snacks. Why? Because they’re different without being too different. It’s an opportunity to try a new flavor without getting into chocolate-covered durian or Marmite potato chip territory.

You can find international snacks that are entirely different from anything available in the US. You’ll also discover sweet and savory snacks that are very similar to, yet flavorfully distinct from, their local versions.

Our Favorite Foreign Snacks and Drinks

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1. Exotic Oreos: Exclusive Flavors from China

We’re all pretty familiar with the basics when it comes to Oreos, whether or not they’re a personal favorite. The foundation is a crunchy chocolate cookie paired with a soft and sweet creme filling.

While only a handful of varieties were available in the past, Oreos now come in a variety of flavors. That’s true at home and abroad, too. International Oreos offer even more flavor options, between unique combinations and distinct versions of the same flavors we have here.

With eight great options to choose from, these sleeves of exotic Oreo cookies can broaden your horizons. These Chinese flavors feature something for just about everyone!

You can go with something entirely new, like Peach Oolong Tea Oreos. You can run your own taste test, comparing the US and Chinese versions of flavors like Birthday Cake or Original. 

And, because each box contains a few servings, you don’t have to break the bank to try something new. The best foreign snacks aren’t just tasty. They’re affordable, too.

2. Exotic Lays Chips: Flavors from Around the World

It’s probably not surprising to hear that potato chips are a popular snack across the globe. While we all like the basic idea — crunchy, super thin fried potato and seasoning — flavors are another matter.

Ketchup and All-Dressed chips are favorites in Canada, but relatively rare here. You’ll find Seaweed & Salt chips are a top choice among Japanese snacks. In Germany, they absolutely love Paprika chips.

Thanks to our fully stocked foreign snack store, you can try exotic Lays Chips flavors from around the world! Salted Egg, Mexican Chicken Tomato, Double Cheeseburger, and Spicy Crayfish are just a few of the dozens we offer.

These Lays chips come from a diverse group of countries, connecting you to flavors both familiar and totally new! Try out a few to make your next snack a little more exciting.

3. Exotic Fanta Sodas

If you’re a fan of soft drinks, you may already know that many brands tap into their local markets. It could mean subtly changing a classic cola’s formulation or bringing entirely new tastes to the convenience store cooler.

Fanta is one of the most recognizable and flexible brands on a global scale. Fanta is already known for a variety of flavors here in the US. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that there are even more options abroad.

Our Fanta Exotic Soda collection brings you new and exciting tastes! You probably won’t find Jasmine Peach, Apple, or Shokata (elderflower and lemon) at your local convenience store.

You can try out a local and international version of flavors you can find here in the US, too. Which Grape, Orange, or Watermelon Fanta is better, the domestic or exotic version?

4. Exotic Milka Oreo Chocolate Bar

Oreo cookies are a crunchy and satisfying addition to so many other desserts. Mixed into ice cream or crushed up to use as the crust of a cream pie — there are so many options!

What about mixing Oreo pieces into a high-quality, creamy chocolate bar made with alpine milk? 

Milka is a European powerhouse when it comes to chocolate, with growing name recognition on a global scale. They use consistently high-quality ingredients to produce smooth, delicious chocolate that’s a step above many other brands.

Milka also combines a delicious variety of fillings and mix-ins with their chocolate to make some truly unique products. The Milka Oreo chocolate bar is one of the most beloved in this category.

Oreo pieces. An interior layer that’s reminiscent of white chocolate and Oreo creme at the same time. And it’s all enveloped in the same rich, smooth alpine milk chocolate that Milka made its name on.

Tired of the same old candy bars? Give this exotic chocolate and Oreo treat a try!

Even More Delicious Foreign Snacks and Drinks to Try!

Looking for something different, or want to try even more foreign snacks? We keep stocking our exotic snack store with proven favorites and exciting new options. Browse our inventory to find a truly exceptional snack for the next time you get the munchies!


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