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His & Hers 420 Gifts: Your 420 Gift Guide

The biggest holiday of the year for cannabinoid enthusiasts is fast approaching. Looking for a 420 gift for someone special in your life? Delta 8 Resellers has you covered.

Keep reading to find our guide to giving 420 gifts. We’ll start off with very important information related to different types of cannabinoids. Crucially, that includes info related to restrictions on purchasing and shipping these gifts.

With those basics covered, the following section includes a list of some of our most popular products. These are crowd-pleasers that have consistently high sales, high customer ratings, or both. With Delta 8 Resellers, giving a 420 gift is easy!

Getting Started: Finding a Great 420 Gift

Giving a 420 gift may seem complicated at first. After all, there are so many options out there, from specific types of products like edibles and vape carts to the many different cannabinoids on the market.

We’re here to share some info that makes finding a great 420 gift easier. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know.

The Difference Between Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Cannabis refers to the cannabis plant and, in casual conversation, products made from it. Generally, these products mostly contain Delta 9 THC. That’s the major active ingredient in cannabis — the chemical that causes altered perceptions and enhanced mood, or a “high.”

Why is that important? Because cannabis is illegal on the federal level but legal for recreational use in about half of all states. US News & World Report shares a full list of states with legal recreational cannabis.

In most circumstances, you can’t purchase cannabis and have it delivered across a distance by a service like the Postal Service or UPS. However, some states allow for local delivery in a format similar to ordering out for pizza.

If you’re giving a gift across state lines or simply don’t have time to head to the nearest dispensary, cannabis itself may not make sense as a 420 gift. There are other issues to consider, too, such as the high price of cannabis in some states.

That’s where cannabinoids start to stand out. Cannabinoids are a broader category that technically includes all psychoactive (i.e., the high we mentioned earlier) chemicals found in both cannabis and hemp plants.

A hemp plant sits in front of a green background with its pot wrapped in festive paper.

When we start looking at cannabinoids sourced from the hemp plant specifically, some major differences come into play. There are several psychoactive cannabinoids sourced from hemp plants, including Delta 8, THC-A, and even hemp-derived Delta 9.

Hemp-derived cannabinoids are federally legal. The 2018 Farm Bill included language that legalized the commercial production of hemp. The only major restriction is that these plants contain no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight.

There are two major pieces of information to keep in mind in relation to hemp-derived cannabinoids and giving 420 gifts:

  1. Barring state or local legislation, these cannabinoids can be legally sold almost anywhere, from convenience stores to head shops. They can also be legally shipped across state lines.
  2. Some states, cities, and towns restrict or prohibit the sale and possession of these cannabinoids. Always double-check relevant local or state laws when making a purchase or sending a gift.

While some areas restrict these cannabinoids, many places allow for their sale and possession. Additionally, costs are generally low as compared to some individual states’ cannabis markets. That makes it a lot easier to give a great 420 gift!

Popular Ways People Use Cannabinoids

With that basic yet critically important info about the legality of cannabinoids covered, let’s look at how people like to use them.

Looking for information on the different types of cannabinoids and what sets them apart? These articles can help:

Now, here’s a brief rundown of popular cannabinoid products and what makes each of them unique:

  • Edibles are discreet (no odor, smoke, or vapor) and easy to use. They take longer to kick in than smoking or vaping but tend to produce stronger effects and last much longer.
  • Vape carts and disposable vapes are convenient and provide fast-acting effects. Vape carts require a separate battery, making them more versatile, while disposable vapes are a complete system.
  • Flower and pre-rolls are the most similar to a traditional cannabis experience. Their effects also kick in quickly. They are hemp flower with cannabinoids carefully added, which can be smoked, vaped in a dry herb vaporizer, or used in homemade edibles.

Customer Favorites and Top Sellers: the Best 420 Gift Ideas

Looking for a simple, easy-to-follow 420 gift guide? Find some of our highest-rated and top-selling cannabinoid products below. Want additional info? Click on the product description for more details.

For Edible Afficianados

Fan-Favorite Vape Cart and Disposable Vape

  • Cake Delta 8 Disposable Vape | 2g. Rechargeable and packed with 2 full grams of Delta 8. Smooth draw, authentic Cake brand product, rated a 4.3 out of 5 by more than 550 users (one of our most popular products!).
  • Hidden Hills Live Resin Cartridge | 2g. This two-gram disposable cart fits into any 510 vape battery. Choose from six flavors of this exciting blend of Delta 9, Delta 11, and THC-P. Rated a 4.4 out of 5 by more than 130 satisfied customers!

Exceptional Flower and Pre-rolls

Delta 8 Resellers: Your One-stop Shop for All 420 Gifts

Delta 8 Resellers is proud to offer the highest-quality federally legal cannabinoids, exclusively from industry-leading brands. We offer independent lab reports for all products when they’re available. That way, you can check out the ingredients, purity, and quality for yourself!

Shop our entire cannabinoid collection to find great 420 gifts!


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