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4 CBD Gifts That Will Hit The Spot

CBD is exploding in popularity. Thought to help with issues ranging from pain to sleeplessness, CBD may offer some major benefits to its users.

If someone you know is a CBD fan, you might be considering a CBD gift for them. But where should you start?

Let’s take a look at what CBD is so you can be an informed gift-giver. Then, we’ll share some of our top picks for CBD gifts.

What is CBD?

CBD is the common name for cannabidiol, a chemical found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is one of many cannabinoids, a specific group of chemicals. Cannabinoids, as a whole, are distinguished by their interaction with the human body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

CBD, among many other cannabinoids, is found in both cannabis and hemp plants. What makes CBD stand out from most other cannabinoids is its specific effects.

Why People Use CBD: Effects and Side Effects

Many other cannabinoids are known to cause psychoactive effects. Examples include elevated mood and an altered sense of perception. In other words, the “high” that’s often associated with using cannabinoids.

However, that’s not the case for CBD. CBD is not psychoactive.

Instead, it’s believed to offer certain benefits. That includes its use in an FDA-approved medication, Epidiolex, to treat certain childhood seizure disorders.

While the following additional benefits are not conclusively proven, Harvard Health Publishing explains that CBD may also help to address anxiety, chronic pain, and sleeplessness. These potential benefits are based on animal studies, as well as preliminary human research and user reports.

On a practical level, people tend to use CBD to:

  • Reduce anxiety and relax
  • Address discomfort related to chronic pain and inflammation
  • Fall asleep and stay asleep more easily

CBD has some side effects, but they’re relatively minor. Dry mouth and drowsiness are two examples. It also does not appear to be addictive, according to the World Health Organization:

“At its November 2017 meeting, the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) concluded that, in its pure state, cannabidiol does not appear to have abuse potential or cause harm.”

Legality of CBD

CBD is federally legal when it’s extracted from hemp plants containing no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, the most common cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. This is due to the 2018 Farm Bill allowing for the commercial production of hemp.

Some states have laws restricting possession and sale, however. It’s always a good idea to review relevant laws (both for you and the person you want to give a CBD gift to) before making a purchase.

How People Use CBD

CBD is a popular cannabinoid because it can help people relax and address common issues, like pain and sleeplessness, without causing intoxicating or psychoactive effects.

There are a wide range of CBD products available, including:

  • CBD edibles. Edibles, like gummies, are very easy to use. Because they go through the digestive system instead of being absorbed through the lungs, edibles have longer-lasting effects than vaping or smoking.
  • CBD tinctures and oils.Tinctures and oils are somewhat different but share many of the same effects. They’re also used in similar ways.
  • CBD vape cartridges. Vaping is a popular option for getting the fast-acting effects of CBD and can be less irritating than smoking.
  • CBD flower and pre-rolls. The most traditional method of consuming cannabinoids is also popular with some CBD users.

Now that we understand the basics of CBD, let’s dive into finding great CBD gifts!

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Our Top CBD Gift Ideas

A CBD holiday gift — whether it’s a CBD Christmas gift, birthday gift, or for any other special occasion — can be a great choice for any CBD user in your life.

Not sure about their favorite way to use CBD? You could always fish for a little more information to narrow things down.

Or, you could put together a CBD gift set that includes popular options like gummies, tinctures or oils, and vape cartridges. Give them an assortment, and they might just find a new favorite way to use CBD.

If you can find out what products or brands are favorites for your giftee, that’s even better. Choosing something you know they’ll love makes for a great CBD gift. It makes shopping for one a whole lot easier, too!

One last thing to keep in mind. When you shop for CBD gifts, look for the results of independent lab testing. At Delta 8 Resellers, we always share these test results whenever they’re available. It’s an easy way to know that the manufacturer and retailer stand behind what’s in the products because every customer can see exactly what’s inside.

Our Top 4 CBD Gift Suggestions

Need some more specific inspiration for your CBD gift? Here are four of our favorite CBD products:

1. Maui Labs CBD Wellness Gummies | 30 Count

With three unique formulations for Stress, Sleep, and Pain, Maul Labs delivers easy-to-use CBD gummies! These are a customer favorite, with a 4.7/5 rating.

2. Bad Days Lights Out CBD+CBN Gummies | 30 Count

Combining CBD and its close relative CBN, these Bad Days gummies can lead to a good night’s sleep!

3. Hempzilla CBD Live Resin Socialize Disposable Vape | 1g

This disposable vape comes ready to use — no separate battery or other equipment needed! The blend of CBD and close relative CBG is designed to support relaxation and encourage social activity.

4. Canna River Ultra Calm Tincture | 20,000mg

A calming combination of CBD, CBG, and CBN comes together with three great flavor options to encourage a sense of calm relaxation with this tincture. Canna River is one of our top brands, and this tincture is just one example of its exceptional offerings!

Finding a CBD Gift You’ll be Happy to Give

Delta 8 Resellers exclusively partners with leading brands to deliver consistently high-quality CBD and cannabinoid products.

Looking for something special to give the CBD lover in your life? Shop our full selection of CBD products!


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