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Recreational Mushrooms: Everything You Need To Know

Recreational mushrooms are exactly that: Something to take when you want to have a memorable experience.

These aren’t mushrooms used for wellness or to add flavor to food. Instead, they have psychoactive and psychadelic effects. Visuals, altered perceptions, elevated mood, and a uniquely different state of mind are all possible.

Wondering how to use recreational mushrooms safely and effectively? Keep reading to learn more about laws, dosing, and more key topics related to recreational mushrooms.

What Are Recreational Mushrooms? The Basics

The term “recreational mushroom” isn’t precisely defined. In other words, there isn’t an exact, official, authoritative definition of what’s included in the recreational mushroom category.

However, there is a common understanding of what recreational mushrooms are. These mushrooms:

  • Contain naturally occurring chemicals that cause psychedelic and/or psychoactive effects. This includes many varieties of mushrooms, from psilocybin mushrooms to Amanita muscaria mushrooms, it’s a broad category.
  • Are otherwise well-tolerated by and safe for most users, outside of the intended effects. That’s a crucial distinction as compared to mushrooms that cause an altered state of mind but also have poisonous or otherwise dangerous effects.
  • Are generally used to achieve an altered state of mind.
  • Can be consumed on their own, or as part of another product. Recreational mushroom chocolates are one common option. Vapes containing mushroom extracts and blends of mushrooms and federally legal cannabinoids are also becoming more common.

Effects of Recreational Mushrooms

The recreational mushroom category includes a variety of different psychoactive and psychedelic chemicals. In the big picture, the effects of recreational mushrooms can include:

  • An elevated mood.
  • An increased sense of introspection and new thought patterns or approaches to thinking.
  • Visual effects, such as light patterns or the rippling or shimmering of surfaces.
  • Increased energy, as well as a sense of lethargy.

Recreational mushrooms also have certain side effects. These can vary significantly from one specific mushroom to the next.

However, some commonly reported side effects include sensitivity to light and sound and heightened emotional responses. Nausea, anxiety, and a sense of being overwhelmed are also common. We’ll look at strategies for potentially managing the side effects of recreational muchrooms later on in this article.

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Are Recreational Mushrooms Legal?

The general recreational mushroom category includes several different types of mushrooms. That makes legality a very complex topic. Some recreational mushrooms are highly regulated, while others have little or no legislation related to them.

Consider the differences between psilocybin mushrooms and Amanita muscaria mushrooms, for example.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are what most people refer to when they talk about “magic mushrooms” and similar topics. Psilocybin is illegal on the federal level. The Controlled Substances Act lists psilocybin as a Schedule I substance.

However, Oregon became the first state to legalize the use of these mushrooms in supervised settings in 2020. The program became active on Jan. 1, 2023, The New York Times explains.

Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms

Amanita muscaria mushrooms have a long history related to traditional medicine and spiritual use by indigenous groups. These mushrooms do not contain psilocybin. The three psychoactive chemicals in these mushrooms are ibotenic acid, muscimol, and muscarine.

Amanita muscaria is legal on the federal level. Additionally, recreational mushrooms are legal in most states. Only Louisiana prohibits their cultivation, possession, and sale.

Recreational Mushrooms: Tips for Safe, Responsible, and Enjoyable Use

Many recreational mushrooms can offer intense experiences, especially at high doses. For many users, a too-intense experience can quickly stop being enjoyable.

Psychedelic effects may feel disorienting or too strong. Negative emotions such as paranoia or a sense of being overwhelmed can also arise.

Having a positive experience is the reason why most people use recreational mushrooms. We can’t guarantee the following suggestions will work for every person and every experience. However, the following pieces of advice are commonly thought to help support a more positive experience:

  • Find the right setting, ideally a safe, familiar place.
  • Only use recreational mushrooms while in a positive state of mind.
  • Set positive intentions for your experience before it begins.
  • Have a trusted, sober friend or family member help to watch over you during the experience.
  • Take moderate doses instead of large ones (whether of mushrooms themselves, or recreational mushroom chocolates or other products).

Dosing is especially important to consider for new users. However, even experienced fans of recreational mushrooms should keep this guidance in mind.

Starting with a half or a quarter of the recommended dose can be a good place to start. If the experience isn’t strong enough, you’ll know to increase the dosage by another quarter or half the next time around. If this small dose gives you what you’re looking for, that’s great.

These mushrooms tend to offer long-lasting experiences, so taking a cautious approach can certainly pay off.

Microdosing Recreational Mushrooms

Microdosing is worth considering in this regard as well. Microdosing for recreational mushrooms refers to taking very small doses that barely cross the psychoactive threshold. The specifics are different for every mushroom, but you could start with one-quarter or less of a recommended dose.

Users who microdose tend to experience some effects, such as an elevated mood or small changes in perception. However, their goal is to avoid major psychedelic effects.

Microdosing can also be a good place to start for new users. You can think of it as dipping your toes in the water before you dive all the way in.

Using High-Quality Recreational Mushrooms From a Dependable Supplier

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Additionally, a wide range of our recreational mushroom products include detailed dosing instructions. This guidance can help you find the right dose for your needs, taking the guesswork out of the process.

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