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4 Mushroom Supplements Benefits That Are Good For You

Mushroom supplements are increasingly popular for a wide variety of reasons. There are many potential benefits of mushroom supplements. That means they offer something for just about everyone.

Some users report increased creativity and productivity. Others find their memory and focus improve when using mushroom supplements. The psychoactive experiences that some mushroom supplements offer are a big benefit for certain users, too.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of taking mushroom supplements.

Top Benefits of Mushroom Supplements: How They Can Help

Mushroom Supplements: Safety and Effectiveness

It’s important to consider the state of medical research related to mushroom supplement benefits. Making an informed decision is always in your best interest, after all.

Consumer Reports explains that specific mushrooms may have a complementary effect in treating certain cancers. However, the research is still in the beginning stages when it comes to more common reasons why people use mushroom supplements.

Consumer Reports says: “… claims that mushrooms boost immunity (turkey tail), help with anxiety and mood (reishi), or improve concentration (lion’s mane) have only lab or animal studies to support them.”

That doesn’t mean mushroom supplements have been proven to be ineffective or dangerous. Instead, it means research has demonstrated positive early results.

More research is needed to confirm or disprove those early findings. Conclusions from animal and lab research can and do carry over to human trials, but that’s not always the case.

What about safety? Without pre-existing health conditions or prescribed medications, using supplements from a trusted supplier generally leads to few or no side effects.

That said, certain types of mushroom supplements can interfere with medication or existing conditions and cause more serious side effects. If you have pre-existing conditions or take medication, it’s important to discuss mushroom supplements with your doctor first.

Similarly, if you experience side effects from using mushroom supplements, suspend their use and discuss the issue with your physician.

With safety, effectiveness, and responsible use covered, let’s focus on the possible advantages of taking mushroom supplements.

Dried reishi mushrooms sit next to a spoon full of powdered reishi mushroom on a table.

Big Benefits You May Find in Mushroom Supplements

1. Improved Creativity & Enhanced Productivity

Anxiety and depression can be major barriers when it comes to creative tasks and productivity in general. Healthline highlights animal-based research showing that lion’s mane mushrooms may reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Additionally, animal studies show lion’s mane could have a positive effect on regrowing brain cells. This mushroom also may help with improved function of the hippocampus.

If you’re interested in boosting creativity and productivity, lion’s mane mushroom supplements may help eliminate common roadblocks to that goal.

2. Better Memory & Focus

Lion’s mane may also offer support in terms of improving memory and focus. The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms explains lion’s mane mushrooms have neurotrophic properties. That means they support the growth of nervous tissue, which is important for neuron growth.

Those properties could help to encourage better memory and focus by improving overall brain health. Lion’s mane mushroom supplements are also a good choice if you want to boost memory and ability to focus.

3. Positive Impacts on Digestive Health

Certain mushrooms may cause positive changes in your digestive system, PBS NewsHour explains.

Specifically, reishi mushrooms have been found to shift the bacterial balance in the digestive tract of mice. That’s a beneficial change, one that led to weight loss and reduced inflammation. Obese mice treated with reishi mushrooms gained less weight than the control group. That’s true even though they were all fed the same high-fat diet.

Reishi mushrooms are already used in a variety of traditional preparations. They’re making their way into a variety of recipes, too. That includes this reishi tea recipe from The New York Times.

Using a reishi mushroom supplement could help to better balance your gut microbe. It may also have fat-fighting properties.

4. Enhanced Mood & Relaxation

Not all mushroom supplement benefits are focused on specific health concerns. In fact, one popular option is all about enjoyment. An opportunity to relax and boost your mood is still a clear benefit, even though it’s more focused on leisure.

The amanita muscaria mushroom is psychoactive, meaning it leads to altered perceptions and, often, enhanced mood. These mushrooms have a long history of use in mystical and sacred contexts by indigenous peoples. In that same article, we described the common phases of the amanita muscaria experience:

“The first [phase] involves a sense of increased energy and vigor. The second involves feeling tranquil and drowsy. The third phase involves the most direct psychotropic effects. A mystical experience or sense of other realities is common.”

Modern users tend to report positive overall experiences with amanita muscaria. One important factor to note is a manageable intensity. Compared to mushrooms containing psilocybin, the amanita muscaria experience is less extreme.

For someone who’s simply looking to relax and enjoy, that’s an important difference.

Additionally, some users take a microdosing approach when using amanita muscaria mushrooms. That means they take very small doses that don’t cross the threshold of creating a full psychoactive experience.

These microdosing users find very small doses of amanita muscaria, often taken on a frequent basis, boost key qualities. Some report better concentration and creativity. Others find advantages in terms of better focus and critical thinking.

Microdosing is not a scientifically proven path to achieving these benefits. However, many users who microdose believe this strategy gives them exactly what they’re looking for.

Where Can I Find High-Quality Mushroom Supplements?

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