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How To Clean Your Vape: A Practical Guide

This guide provides practical steps for cleaning vape devices, including both disposable and reusable vapes, to ensure optimal performance and hygiene. Regular cleaning prevents build-up and extends the life of your device.

Main Points:

  • Regular cleaning of vapes is essential for maintenance and hygiene.
  • Different parts of the vape, including batteries, cartridges, and mouthpieces, require specific cleaning methods.
  • Use materials like cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol for effective cleaning.
  • Disposable vapes primarily need mouthpiece cleaning, while reusable vapes can benefit from thorough cleaning of all components.
  • Establish a routine cleaning schedule to keep your vape in good condition.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in your vaping device not only enhances your experience but also contributes to the device’s longevity.

A clean vape is a vape you can count on. It’s never fun to handle a dirty or sticky vape, and too much buildup can stop your vape from working properly.

The good news is that it’s easy to clean reusable vapes, like 510 thread batteries, and disposable vapes, too. There are even a few tips to keep in mind for cleaning vape tanks and cartridges.

Before we share those instructions, let’s take a look at why you should clean your vaping device, and how often you should do so.

Cleaning Your Vape: General Best Practices

There are many different types of vape pens and cartridges on the market. From nicotine to federally legal, hemp-derived products, there are plenty of options.

We’re focusing on the types of vape products we offer in this article. We’ll look at how to clean a vape coil and how to clean a vape pod in the context of disposable and 510 cannabinoid vapes and cartridges.

Vape terminology can seem a little confusing if you’re not already used to it. Here’s a quick review of each of the major vape components we offer:

  • 510 vape cartridges. These are vape cartridges, which contain the cannabinoid oil, mouthpiece, and atomizer (also called a vape coil) that directly heats that oil. Leafwell explains that the term “510” describes the threading that connects the battery to the cartridge.
  • 510 batteries. The battery delivers energy to the atomizer in the cartridge, allowing you to heat the oil and turn it into vapor. 510 batteries include a button or buttons to control the voltage setting, power, and more. These are sometimes called pens, due to their appearance, but come in other shapes and formats as well.
  • Disposable vapes. Disposable vapes are all-in-one units. They’re intended to be thrown away once the oil is depleted. Some disposable vapes are rechargeable, ensuring you can use all of the cannabinoid oil inside.

Wondering how to use a Delta 8 vape pen or any type of vape pen? Our guide to using a vape pen can help.

With that basic information in hand, it’s a little easier to understand the best practices for cleaning vapes.

Why Should I Clean my Vape?

Cleaning your vape helps keep it in good working order. While vape cartridges are disposable, batteries are intended to last a long time. Along with the ability to sample many different carts and cannabinoids, that’s why some users prefer vape pens over disposable vapes.

Keeping both parts clean, both the vape pen and the cartridge, helps you get all the oil out of a cartridge. It can also extend the useful life of your battery.

Despite the robust nature of both disposable vapes and 510 batteries, a little oil can sometimes leak from the cartridge. That can stick to the threading on the battery and cartridge, making it difficult to attach and detach them. This issue can also make it difficult or impossible to get a good draw from your vape.

Dust, dirt, and other small debris can also settle in the threading. That can lead to similar issues with screwing in a cartridge and removing it later on.

Basic hygiene is one of the most important reasons to clean your battery and cartridge occasionally. A quick clean-up helps limit the spread of germs.

This is also a good reason to clean a disposable vape, especially one with a large cartridge, pod, or tank. These vapes can last for weeks or even months, depending on the frequency of use. Keeping them clean can help you stay a little safer from germs.

Two vape cartridges seen against a black background.

When Should I Clean my Vape?

If you find dirt, debris, or oil on your cartridge or battery, it’s a good time to clean them. Similarly, you should clean your vape if you notice the cart and pen are sticking together or are hard to separate.

We recommend occasionally unscrewing a cart from your vape to check for these issues before they become harder to fix and clean up. That’s especially important for large-format carts of 1 gram or more.

The mouthpiece of a cartridge can also attract dust and grime. A wipe down every so often can help keep it clean and make the cartridge a little more pleasant to use. There’s not much to it, but an occasional cleaning can mean a better experience.

For disposable vapes, you normally can’t separate the cartridge or pod from the battery. You don’t need to worry about the two issues outlined above. Cleaning a disposable vape is mostly about keeping the device free from build-up around the mouthpiece and preventing germs.

How Often Should I Clean my Vape?

You don’t need to worry about cleaning your vape after each use. However, a periodic cleaning, every few weeks or each month, can help keep everything working as intended.

If you use a rechargeable vape pen, you’ll start to get a feel for a good cleaning schedule with enough time. A simple cleaning of the threading and mouthpiece whenever you swap in a new cart, using the methods described below, can be a good place to start.

Cleaning Tips for Reusable Vapes, Disposable Vapes, and More

How to Clean Your Reusable Vape

Because there aren’t any parts to disassemble, cleaning a reusable vape is about as simple as it gets.

You can use a cloth or paper towel moistened with warm water to wipe down the vape, removing dirt and debris. Let it rest on a dry cloth or paper towel after cleaning, just to be safe, and encourage it to dry completely.

You can get your disposable vape’s mouthpiece a little cleaner with a cotton swab, cloth, cotton ball, and some isopropyl alcohol (the standard rubbing alcohol available at supermarkets and pharmacies). Simply apply a small amount of the alcohol to one of those cleaning tools and wipe down the mouthpiece. Place a paper towel or cloth underneath, then let the mouthpiece dry.

How to Clean Your Vape Battery

Make sure your battery is turned off before following these instructions.Issues and injuries related to liquid contacting a live vape pen battery are rare, but they’re always a possibility.

To clean the exterior of your reusable vape pen, you can follow the same steps outlined above. Some warm water and a few cloths or paper towels are all that’s needed.

To clean the threading and connector (the part that touches the cartridge’s atomizer), you can use a cotton swab and a little rubbing alcohol to remove resin build-up and debris.

There are three areas to pay attention to when cleaning a vape cartridge:

  • The threading. You can clean this area with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. All you have to do is lightly scrub the coils.
  • The cartridge. A wipe-down with warm water or a little rubbing alcohol will keep the cartridge itself clean.
  • The mouthpiece: A cotton swab or ball and some rubbing alcohol will do the trick here, too. If there’s an airflow blockage, you can try carefully and gently using a sewing needle, the point of a safety pin, or a similarly long and pointed object to remove the clog.

It’s pretty easy to keep a disposable or reusable vape clean, all things considered. However, many users aren’t sure where to start or how to safely clean their vapes. This guide on how to clean your vape should give you all of the information you need.

At Delta 8 Resellers, we want our customers to have the best experience possible with our products. That’s why we only stock the very best brands, provide helpful advice for using our products, and share the lab reports for our offerings.

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