Two Amanita muscaria mushrooms grow on the forest floor.

Do Mushroom Supplements Actually Work?

Do mushroom supplements work?

We can’t say every single mushroom supplement on the market provides all of the effects it promises. And we don’t want to, either. Not all mushroom supplements are made to the same standards, and there’s plenty of variation when it comes to supplements.

However, mushroom supplements made by trustworthy brands can give you dependable results. Identifying those brands is a key part of finding effective mushroom supplements.

Let’s take a closer look at mushroom supplements. Then, we’ll discuss how to tell if mushroom supplements actually work.

What are Mushroom Supplements?

Mushrooms have long been used in traditional medicine by cultures across the world. The National Cancer Institute explains current uses for medicinal mushrooms in Western medicine include fighting cancer and lung disease.

Mushroom supplements (sometimes called functional mushrooms) are a specific type of dietary supplement. Just like other supplements, mushroom supplements are sold over the counter. No prescription or other special authorization is needed.

The US Food & Drug Administration offers a helpful definition of dietary supplements in general.

“Dietary supplements are intended to add to or supplement the diet and are different from conventional food. Generally, to the extent a product is intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent diseases, it is a drug, even if it is labeled as a dietary supplement.”

In other words, dietary supplements are intended to add certain nutrients, minerals, or other substances to your diet. Many of these supplements may have health benefits. Using them in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines is generally safe.

However, supplements can also present a risk in certain situations.

The FDA explains that the overuse of supplements can cause health issues or risks. So can interactions between certain supplements and prescribed drugs. There are also risks that are present in many foods as well, like the potential for an allergic reaction.

Supplements themselves generally aren’t dangerous. However, people who use them need to be mindful when taking them. If you plan to use mushroom supplements and take medication or have upcoming surgery, talk to your doctor about them first.

Lion’s mane mushrooms grow on the side of a tree.

What Specific Mushroom Species Are Popular in Mushroom Supplements?

The potential health benefits offered by mushroom supplements are not confirmed in the same way as medications. However, many users find the following species provide positive effects.

Popular mushrooms and mushroom extracts used in these supplements include:

  • Lion’s Mane. Lion’s mane mushrooms may help improve creativity and productivity. They’re also thought to provide a boost in terms of memory, focus, and cognitive function.
  • Reishi. Reishi mushrooms are commonly included in supplements for digestive health. They’re thought to support gut health by rebalancing bacteria. Reishi mushrooms could also have positive effects on weight.
  • Turkey tail. Turkey tail mushrooms may support the immune system. They also potentially reduce inflammation and support better gut health.

The benefits of mushroom supplements depend on the specific mushrooms included in them. Be sure to review the ingredients in these products and research the types of mushrooms they contain.

Similarly, it’s important to research the manufacturer and check out their reputation. Do they make claims of curing disease or quickly causing a major, positive change in your body? That’s a red flag.

With a little research, you can make an informed decision. And that’s always important for anything you consume.

Do Mushroom Supplements Really Work?

Do mushroom supplements work? This may sound like a simple question. The truth is that there’s no single answer that applies to every mushroom supplement.

Even for a much simpler question like “How long does it take for mushroom supplements to work?”, the answer depends on the specific mushroom and supplement formulation.

Supplements in general are lightly regulated. The FDA does not regulate supplements before they’re released for sale. There’s no process to approve or deny them based on scientific research proving safety and effectiveness. That’s the process used for medications.

However, there are certain rules that supplement makers must follow. Manufacturers aren’t allowed to make specific health-related claims about them. Additionally, they are required to follow safety standards and comply with any relevant laws and regulations.

Still, thousands of years of use in traditional medicine and applications in modern healthcare are evidence. They show us that certain mushrooms can be effective. We also know that certain mushrooms contain important nutrients, as Consumer Reports explains.

In many cases, the question you really need to ask yourself is “Does this mushroom supplement work?”

How can you tell? Reading user reviews and reports, looking up scientific research, and a conversation with a health professional can all help. Looking into a supplement’s alignment with regulatory requirements can also help you make a more informed choice. If a manufacturer follows the rules, it’s usually a good sign.

What should you look for in this context? If the answers to the following questions are yes, it’s a good start:

  • Proper nutritional labeling. Does the label include a list of ingredients, intended serving size, and number of servings per container?
  • Responsible claims. Does the manufacturer make realistic claims about what the supplement can do? Are the claimed effects in line with results from available scientific research?
  • Correct identification. Is the product clearly labeled as a dietary, herbal, or other type of supplement?

Delta 8 Resellers only works with leading brands that have a reputation for providing safe, high-quality products. All of the mushroom supplements we offer are responsibly and clearly labeled. We don’t stock or support brands that make ridiculous claims about effectiveness or results.

You’ll find recreational and health-focused mushroom products among our offerings. We encourage you to read the user reviews and research the contents to make an informed choice. It’s your body, and we want you to take care of it.

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