trehouse gummies d9 200mg strawberry2
trehouse gummies d9 200mg strawberry2
trehouse gummies d9 200mg mango2
trehouse gummies d9 200mg blue raspberry2

Tre House Delta-9 Gummies | 200mg


  • 20 Gummies Per Jar
  • 10mg Per Gummy
  • 200mg Total Per Container
  • Potent Blend of Hemp Derived Delta-9


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Tre House Delta-9 Gummies | 200mg

Step into a world of elevated relaxation with Tre House Delta-9 Gummies – your ticket to a delightful escape. Each jar packs a punch with 200mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Derived goodness, featuring a perfect 10mg per gummy. Indulge in the sweet symphony of flavors, including the tangy Blue Raspberry, the tropical embrace of Mango, and the luscious sweetness of Strawberry.

Why Tre House Delta-9 Gummies? It’s not just about the dosage; it’s the full-spectrum experience that sets these gummies apart. Picture unwinding after a long day with the calming effects of hemp-derived bliss, all wrapped up in a tasty, chewy treat. Whether you’re a seasoned CBD enthusiast or new to the world of Delta-9, these gummies are a delightful way to discover the relaxation potential of hemp.

With 10mg per gummy, it’s easy to customize your experience. Need a subtle lift during the day or aiming for a deeper sense of calm in the evening? Tre House Delta-9 Gummies give you the flexibility to choose your adventure. The 200mg jar ensures you have a supply of relaxation at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Incorporate Tre House Delta-9 Gummies into your routine – whether it’s a post-work wind-down, a chill weekend vibe, or simply a tasty way to infuse your day with tranquility. Elevate your moments with the power of hemp-derived relaxation, sealed in the deliciousness of Blue Raspberry, Mango, and Strawberry flavors.

Tre House Delta-9 Gummy Flavors

Now, let’s talk flavors. The Blue Raspberry dances on your taste buds with its sweet and tangy notes, while the Mango takes you on a tropical escape with each chew. For those who crave classic sweetness, the Strawberry flavor delivers a burst of lusciousness in every gummy.

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Mango
  • Strawberry

Additional Product Information

  • Tre House Delta-9 Gummies are more than just a treat; they’re a moment of self-care in a busy world.
  • With the natural, full-spectrum benefits of hemp, these gummies invite you to unwind, destress, and embrace a sense of calm
  • Slip into a more relaxed state of mind, one delicious gummy at a time.
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant

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