psilly dots mega dose 6 servings

Purple Psilly Dots | 3 Count


  • 1 Tab: Flow & Vibin
  • 2 Tabs: Euphoria & Introspection
  • 3 Tabs: Altered Perception
  • 1200mg Per Tab
  • 3600mg Total (3 Tablets Per Pack)
  • Contains Proprietary Mushroom & Nootropic Blend

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Purple Psilly Dots | 3 Count

Step into a new realm of mindfulness and sensory experience with Purple Psilly Dots. Each pack contains three potent tablets, meticulously crafted to provide an enhanced journey through the mind. With 1200mg per tab, these tablets are designed to suit various needs and experiences, from relaxed flow to deep introspection and altered perception.

Purple Psilly Dots are made with a proprietary blend of mushrooms and nootropics, chosen for their synergistic effects on the mind and body. Each batch undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety.

Start with one tablet to gauge tolerance and desired effects. Increase the dosage as comfortable to achieve the preferred level of introspection or sensory enhancement. It’s recommended to consume these tablets in a safe, comfortable environment, especially at higher doses.

These tablets are conveniently packaged, making them easy to carry and consume. Each pack offers six servings, giving flexibility for single or multiple uses depending on the user’s experience and preference.

  • 1 Tab: Perfect for those looking to stay productive while feeling relaxed and connected. Ideal for creative sessions, social gatherings, or a mellow day.
  • 2 Tabs: Dive deeper into a euphoric state that promotes self-reflection and mental clarity. Great for meditative practices or exploring personal insights.
  • 3 Tabs: For those ready to explore the depths of altered states, three tablets provide a profound experience. Best suited for experienced users seeking a transformative journey.

Additional Product Information

  • 3 Tablets Per Pack
  • 1200mg Per Tab
  • Third Party Lab Tested

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