honeyroot kratom shot trainwreck

HoneyRoot Kratom Shot Trainwreck 215 MIT High Alkaloid


  • With a net weight of 10mL per shot
  • Each bottle contains 7 unit
  • Each unit equals 2 capsules

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HoneyRoot Kratom Shot Trainwreck 215 MIT High Alkaloid

Get ready to ride the train of tranquility with Honeyroot Kratom Shot Trainwreck 215 MIT – the ultimate journey to relaxation in a bottle! This full-spectrum Kratom shot is packed with high alkaloids, ensuring you experience the full range of benefits in every drop.

Hop aboard the Trainwreck 215 MIT for an unforgettable ride. This Kratom shot is carefully crafted to provide a full spectrum of effects, from soothing relaxation to a gentle energy boost. It’s not just a Kratom shot; it’s a holistic experience designed to cater to your unique needs.

It’s a concentrated burst of Kratom goodness, carefully measured to provide you with the perfect dosage for your journey to tranquility. Experience the power of high alkaloids in every sip. Honeyroot Kratom Shot Trainwreck 215 MIT is specially formulated to deliver a potent and consistent dose of 31mg of Mitragynine, ensuring you get the most out of your Kratom experience.

Honeyroot Kratom Shot Trainwreck 215 MIT is not just a Kratom shot; it’s your passport to tranquility. From its high alkaloid content to the convenience of its portable bottle, every aspect is designed to enhance your Kratom experience. Embrace the full spectrum of relaxation and enjoy the journey that comes with every drop.

Additional Product Information

  • The Trainwreck Experience
  • Potency in Every Drop
  • High Alkaloid Content
  • Convenient and Portable
  • Full Spectrum Bliss

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