green roads cordyceps 1000mg capsules

Green Roads Cordyceps Capsules | 60 Count


  • 60 Capsules Per Jar
  • Each serving of two capsules contains a whopping 1000mg of Cordyceps mushroom
  • The capsules also contain vitamin B-12 and L-Tyrosine

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Green Roads Cordyceps Capsules | 60 Count

Are you tired of feeling tired? Say hello to a natural energy boost with Green Roads Cordyceps Capsules! Packed with the power of Cordyceps mushroom, vitamin B-12, and L-Tyrosine, these capsules are your secret weapon for crushing fatigue and staying energized throughout the day.

Life can be demanding, and sometimes, our energy levels just can’t keep up. Whether you’re juggling work, family, or personal commitments, it’s easy to feel drained and exhausted. But with Green Roads Cordyceps Capsules, you can turn the tide and reclaim your vitality.

Each serving of two capsules contains a whopping 1000mg of Cordyceps mushroom, a potent adaptogen known for its ability to enhance energy and endurance. The capsules also contain vitamin B-12 and L-Tyrosine to give you an extra boost when you need it most.

Revitalize your day with Green Roads Cordyceps Capsules. Simply take two capsules with water, and you’re ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way. Whether you’re starting your morning off right, powering through an afternoon slump, or gearing up for an intense workout, Green Roads Cordyceps Capsules are the perfect companion for all your energy needs. Don’t let fatigue hold you back from living your best life. Try Green Roads Cordyceps Capsules today and unlock a whole new level of energy and vitality.

Additional Product Information

  • Unleash Your Inner Energy
  • Natural, Vegan, and Gluten-Free
  • Boost Your Performance
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Pharmacist Formulated

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