elyxr thca preroll summer melon
elyxr thca preroll summer melon
elyxr thca preroll strawberry lemonade
elyxr thca preroll summer melon
elyxr thca preroll peach orange guava
elyxr thca preroll blue razz
elyxr thca preroll purple berry

ELYXR THC-A Pre-Roll | 1.5g


  • 1.5-Grams of Potent THC-A Flower Pre-Roll
  • THC-A Diamond infused
  • Get ready for an extraordinary smoking experience like never before


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ELYXR THC-A Pre-Roll | 1.5g

Introducing the ELYXR THC-A Pre-Roll – the epitome of smoking excellence! With 1.5g of pure delight, these pre-rolls are about to take your smoke sessions to another galaxy. Glazed with Liquid Diamond and coated with kief, these THC-A diamond infused pre-rolls are your ticket to a premium experience that’s beyond compare.

Crafted with THC-A Diamonds and glazed with Liquid Diamond, these pre-rolls redefine the art of smoking. The infusion of THC-A Diamonds takes your experience to new heights, while the Liquid Diamond glaze adds a touch of luxury that’s unparalleled. It’s like smoking in the realm of pure opulence.

Whether you’re unwinding after a hectic day, seeking creative inspiration, or just enjoying the moment, ELYXR THC-A Pre-Rolls are your perfect companions. With strains that cater to every mood, you’re ready to elevate your smoke adventures. Ready to dive into a smoking experience that’s as unique as you are? ELYXR THC-A Pre-Rolls are here to be your guide. Step into a world where THC-A Diamonds, Liquid Diamond glaze, and strains that ignite your senses create an experience that’s truly extraordinary.

Whether you’re a smoke aficionado or simply curious to explore premium smoking, these pre-rolls hold the promise of something beyond your expectations. Let the blend of elements guide you through a universe of relaxation, creativity, and pure delight. Experience the power of ELYXR THC-A Pre-Rolls. Elevate your smoke adventure with strains like Blue Razz, Purple Berry, and more. Your smoking journey begins now.

ELYXR THC-A Pre-Roll Strains

  • Blue Razz – (Hybrid) Embark on a journey of hybrid relaxation and blue raspberry sweetness.
  • Purple Berry – (Indica) Let the indica bliss of purple berries sweep you off your feet.
  • Summer Melon – (Indica) Embrace the summer vibes with the melon magic of an indica strain.
  • Peach Orange Guava – (Hybrid) Experience the hybrid blend of peach, orange, and guava in one sensational puff.
  • Strawberry Lemonade – (Hybrid) Sip on the delight of hybrid strawberry lemonade and let the relaxation take over.
  • Rainbow Candy – (Sativa) Let the sativa energy of rainbow candy lift your spirits and creativity.

Additional Product Information

  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant
  • Liquid Diamond glaze: Immerse yourself in Liquid Diamond vibes with every puff.
  • Kief coating: Embrace the extra layer of magic that kief brings to your pre-rolls.

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