cali extracts alter ego disposable slurricane
cali extracts alter ego disposable slurricane
cali extracts alter ego disposable sonoma coma
cali extracts alter ego disposable slurricane
cali extracts alter ego disposable malibu mochi

Cali Extrax Alter Ego Disposable | 3.5g


  • 3.5-Grams Per Disposable
  • 5 Clicks – ON/OFF
  • 2 Clicks – Preheat
  • Rechargeable: USB Type C Port (cable not included)
  • Powerful blend of THC-A, 11-HYDROXY-THC Live Resin


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Cali Extrax Alter Ego Disposable | 3.5g

Experience the ultimate convenience and potent effects of Cali Extrax Alter Ego Disposable. These sleek and stylish disposables are designed to provide you with an elevated experience on the go. Packed with 3500mg of THC-A and 11-HYDROXY-THC Live Resin, each puff delivers a powerful blend that will transport you to new heights.

Cali Extrax Alter Ego Disposable is perfect for those who value both quality and convenience. With a generous 3.5 grams of product per disposable, you can enjoy prolonged sessions without the need for constant refills. Whether you’re sharing with friends or enjoying a solo session, these disposables have got you covered. Crafted with care in the USA, these disposables uphold the highest standards of quality. They are vegan and NON-GMO, ensuring a clean and natural experience. Cali Extrax takes pride in sourcing premium ingredients to create a product that not only provides a memorable experience but also aligns with your lifestyle choices.

The convenience of these disposables is further enhanced by their rechargeable feature. Equipped with a USB Type C port, you can easily recharge your disposable whenever needed. No more worrying about running out of battery power when you need it most. Simply plug in and recharge, and you’ll be ready for your next session.

These disposables are not only about the incredible experience they provide but also about the convenience they offer. Whether you’re a busy and constantly on the move, these disposables are the perfect companion for your adventures. Slip one into your pocket or bag, and you’re ready to elevate your day, wherever it takes you.

Embrace the power and convenience of Cali Extrax Alter Ego Disposable and discover a new level of enjoyment. With their potent blend, rechargeable feature, and variety of strains, these disposables are a must-have for any individual seeking an elevated experience in a convenient and stylish package.

Cali Extrax Alter Ego Disposable Strains

Cali Extrax Alter Ego Disposable comes in three distinct strains, each offering its own unique effects and flavor profiles. Choose Malibu Mochi for a balanced hybrid experience that combines the best of both worlds. Indulge in Slurricane, an indica strain that brings deep relaxation and soothing vibes. Or opt for Sonoma Coma, a sativa strain that uplifts your mood and stimulates creativity. Whichever strain you choose, you’re in for an unforgettable journey.

  • Malibu Mochi – Hybrid
  • Slurricane – Indica
  • Sonoma Coma – Sativa

Additional Product Information

  • Easy-to-use device
  • 3500mg Disposable
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant

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