Cake Wavy 3g Cart - zlushpuppy
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - zlushpuppy
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - appleberryfritter
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - zlushpuppy
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - tangie glue
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - plum sauce
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - strawberry cookies
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - roze sherbert
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - money cake
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - hawaiiansweethaze
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - deadpresidents
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - candyjacksauce
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - cactus chiller
Cake Wavy 3g Cart - blueberrydiamonds

Cake Wavy Live Resin 3g Cart


  • 3000mg Cartridge
  • Potent Blend of Delta-11 + Ice Diamonds THC-A + HXC-R + THC-P
  • Live Resin Strain-Specific Terpenes


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Cake 3g Wavy Live Resin Cartridge

Unlock the Ultimate Vaping Experience with Cake Wavy Live Resin Cartridge: 3g of Flavor-Packed Awesomeness!

When it comes to vaping, you deserve the best, and Cake Wavy cartridges deliver exactly that. Say hello to the FIRST 3-gram cartridge in the industry.It’s big, bold, and packed with flavors that will blow your mind. Why pick this cart?

  • 3g cartridge with a 510 thread, compatible with most vape pens and batteries.
  • Large capacity — no constantly changing out carts
  • Only natural terpenes for an authentic and clean experience

Now, it’s time to elevate your vaping experience with Cake Wavy. Each puff is a sensory journey, a flavor adventure, and a moment to savor. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or gearing up for a creative session, this cartridge has your back. So, go ahead and take the plunge into the world of Cake Wavy – where flavor meets innovation.

Why Choose Cake Wavy 3g Cart?

The Cake 3g cart Wavy blend includes Delta-11, Ice Diamonds THC-A, HXC-R, THC-P, and All Natural Native Terpenes. No funny business – just pure, unadulterated pleasure. Cake is an exceptional brand with the products to match.

Cake Wavy’s 3-gram Live Resin Cartridge isn’t just about vaping; it’s about experiencing life to the fullest. Are you ready for the adventure? Dive into the world of Cake Wavy, where flavor, quality, and innovation meet in every puff.

Cake Wavy Live Resin Cartridge Strains

Dive into a World of Flavors with Our Exciting Strains. Cake Wavy offers a diverse lineup of strains that cater to every mood and preference. Here’s a taste of what you can expect in each 3g Cake cart:

  • Apple Berry Fritter (Indica): The perfect choice for winding down after a long day. It’s like a cozy hug for your mind and body.
  • Blueberry Diamonds (Hybrid): A harmonious blend of relaxation and creativity. Ideal for a laid-back hangout with friends.
  • Cactus Chiller (Sativa): Find your zen with this strain. It’s a ticket to pure relaxation and tranquility.
  • Candy Jack Sauce (Sativa): Need a burst of energy and focus? This one’s your go-to for productivity and fun.
  • Dead Presidents OG (Indica): Dive into deep relaxation and let the stress melt away. It’s a classic for a reason.
  • Hawaiian Sweethaze (Sativa): Elevate your spirits and get creative. This strain is like a tropical vacation for your mind.
  • Roze Sherbet (Indica): Embrace the soothing vibes and find your sanctuary in the midst of everyday chaos.
  • Strawberry Cookies (Hybrid): Get the best of both worlds with this strain – relaxation and inspiration in one package.
  • Tangie Glue (Sativa): Welcome a wave of positivity and focus. It’s the perfect companion for a productive day.
  • Money Cake (Indica): Unwind, chill out, and escape into tranquility. The day’s worries will disappear in a puff of smoke.
  • Sugar Plum Sauce (Indica): Experience the sweetness of life with this strain. It’s like a dessert for your senses.
  • Zlush Puppy (Hybrid): Get ready for a unique blend of relaxation and excitement. Perfect for a fun-filled day with friends.

Additional Product Information

  • 3ml Per Cartridge
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Made From USA Grown Hemp
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant

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Cake Wavy Live Resin 3g Cart Lab Reports

Apple Berry Fritter - COA Download
Blackberry Cough - COA Download
Cactus Thriller - COA Download
Candy Jack Sauce - COA Download
Dead Presidents - COA Download
Hawaiian Sweet Haze - COA Download
Money Cake - COA Download
Roze Sherbet - COA Download
Strawberry Cookies - COA Download
Sugar Plum Sauce - COA Download
Tangie Glue - COA Download
Zlush Puppy - COA Download
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