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What are Pre-rolls? A Guide

Pre-rolls are a convenient way to enjoy a wide variety of cannabinoids. 

As long as you have a lighter or some matches, you’re ready to go. With pre-rolls, you don’t need to worry about charging a vape battery or potentially spilling a bottle of tincture. All you have to do is get the tip burning to enjoy them.

Let’s dive into what pre-rolls are and what makes them so popular.

What is a Pre-roll?

In general, a pre-roll is ground flower that’s already been rolled up in a rolling paper and is ready to use. In other words, it’s a pre-made joint.

As Weedmaps explains, the main benefit of a pre-roll is convenience. All of the work — grinding flower, rolling a cone that will burn evenly, etc. — is completed before you make a purchase. You don’t need top-tier rolling skills or to have rolling paper and filters on hand. Instead, you can simply light the pre-roll and breathe in to start enjoying it.

What are Pre-rolled Cones?

The term pre-rolled cone can have two meanings. Generally, it’s used to refer to a pre-roll. In this context, it’s just another way to talk about the same product.

However, pre-rolled cones can also refer to empty rolling papers that are shaped, but not filled. For example, rolling paper manufacturer Zig-Zag sells pre-rolled cones that don’t contain any flower, hemp or otherwise.

Luckily, telling the difference between the two is easy. Checking the product description and price point will tell you if you’re buying just the rolled papers themselves, or a complete pre-roll.

What Kinds of Cannabinoids are in Pre-rolls?

What are pre-rolls made of? They include flower, a rolling paper, and a filter. In our store, the flower comes exclusively from hemp plants. 

Cannabinoids, like Delta 8, are generally added to the flower to reach the desired potency. Because many cannabinoids only naturally occur in small amounts, this step is necessary for making an effective product.

In our store, you can find federally legal, hemp-derived pre-rolls made from a variety of cannabinoids. That includes THC-P pre-rolls, Delta 8 pre-rolls, and many more.

What are Infused Pre-rolls?

The term “infused pre-rolls” can refer to two distinct types of products:

  • Pre-rolls that include hemp flower, which itself has cannabinoids like Delta 10 or HHC added to it.
  • Pre-rolls that use cannabis flower and have additional cannabis concentrates added to them.

The difference is often clear. However, it’s important to check product labeling and lab reports (if available) to ensure you’re purchasing the right product. 

Hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal in many (but not all) states and municipalities. Cannabis flower, on the other hand, is still illegal in slightly more than half of all states, according to US News & World Report. In short, it’s vital to make sure any purchase you make aligns with local and state laws.

What are CBD Pre-rolls?

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CBD pre-rolls contain CBD as a major active ingredient, either by itself or with other cannabinoids. 

CBD on its own doesn’t offer an elevated mood or changed sense of perception, like many other cannabinoids. However, the benefits of CBD include potentially addressing common issues like pain and sleeplessness. Additionally, CBD can offer a general sense of relaxation.

When combined with other cannabinoids, CBD may help to produce the entourage effect. This is a theory that cannabinoids work together when consumed together to create better, stronger, or otherwise more desirable effects.

What are the Benefits of Pre-rolls?


When it comes to pre-rolled joints, convenience is probably the biggest overall benefit.

Taking whole flower and turning it into a hand-rolled joint requires a mix of knowledge, practice, and the right tools. You need to have a flat, stable surface and rolling papers on hand. You also need a grinder to break up the flower and make it burn more evenly and consistently.

You also need to know how to roll a joint and have the experience — and fine motor skills — required to effectively manipulate a small and delicate object like a rolling paper. Even when people have all of the right tools and conceptually understand how to roll, achieving a good result will often take time and experience.

Pre-rolls get rid of all of these concerns. If you use CBD for joint pain or arthritis, for example, it may be difficult or impossible (or simply painful) to roll a tight, consistently burning joint. With CBD pre-rolls, the finished nature of the product makes it that much easier to use.

You also may not have the time to sit down and roll a joint, or all of the right equipment on hand. When you buy pre-rolls, all you need is a tool to light the tip. It’s a much more convenient process. It’s more consistent, too, as high-quality brands produce consistently weighed, rolled, and evenly-burning pre-rolls.

Smoking Experience

Some people enjoy the traditional smoking experience that joints, glass pipes, and similar tools offer. By using pre-rolls, you can enjoy that experience and it moves along faster. You don’t have to worry about having all of the tools on hand, or rolling an even joint.

Wide Selection of Sizes, Cannabinoids, and Strains

Pre-rolls are pretty popular, which means brands make a wide variety of them. You can find small pre-rolls, large pre-rolls, and plenty of sizes in between. Whether you want a pre-roll just for yourself or to share with friends, there’s an option for you.

Pre-rolls also include many different types of cannabinoids and strains. You can find single cannabinoids and strains, as well as a variety of blends, available from leading brands. That means you can choose the right kind of cannabinoid to provide the effects you’re looking for.

Delta 8 Resellers brings you the best in federally legal, hemp-derived cannabinoids. We only work with high-quality brands and share independent lab testing results for all of our products.

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