geekd thumpers 1.5g pre roll jack herer
geekd thumpers 1.5g pre roll jack herer
geekd thumpers 1.5g pre roll white rntz
geekd thumpers 1.5g pre roll king louis viii
geekd thumpers 1.5g pre roll jack herer

Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll | 1.5g

  • Quality You Can Trust
  • Pure Hemp Elegance
  • 1.5 Grams of Bliss Per Pre-Roll
  • Premium Hemp Flower, THC-A Diamonds

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Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll | 1.5g

Unleash the Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll – Where THCA Diamonds Meet Pure Hemp Bliss! If you’re ready to embark on a smoking journey that combines the best of both worlds, Geek’d has crafted something extraordinary – the Thumpers Pre Roll.

Geek’d Thumpers don’t hold back. Each pre-roll is packed with a generous 1.5 grams of pure smoking pleasure. It’s not just a session; it’s an experience. Why Choose Geek’d Thumpers? Experience the luxury of THCA Diamonds in every drag. Whether you’re a sativa enthusiast, an indica aficionado, or love the balance of a hybrid, Geek’d has something for you. Crafted with precision and passion, Geek’d Thumpers represent the pinnacle of pre-roll perfection.

How to Ignite the Geek’d Thumpers Magic: Select Your Strain: Jack Herer, King Louis VIII, or White Rntz? The choice is yours. Unveil the Diamond: Light up, inhale, and feel the magic of THCA Diamonds with every puff. Elevate Your Experience: Geek’d Thumpers aren’t just pre-rolls; they’re a journey into the realms of flavor and potency.

Indulge in Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll Magic. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or someone looking to elevate their smoking game, Geek’d Thumpers is your ticket to a premium pre-roll experience. Order yours today and let the geeky magic unfold.

THCA Diamonds Magic: Picture this: each puff delivering the magic of THCA Diamonds. Geek’d Thumpers aren’t just pre-rolls; they’re a celebration of potency and flavor. Geek’d believes in the power of nature. Geek’d Thumpers are 100% hemp-derived, ensuring a clean and pure smoking experience. No more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC & THCA combined means you get the goodness without the excess.

Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll Strains

Strain Selection Wonderland: Geek’d knows variety is key. Each Thumper Pre Roll is available in three carefully curated strains:

  • Jack Herer (Sativa): Elevate your day with the energizing and uplifting effects of this legendary strain.
  • King Louis VIII (Indica): Indulge in deep relaxation and unwind with the regal vibes of King Louis VIII.
  • White Rntz (Hybrid): Find the perfect balance of euphoria and relaxation with this delightful hybrid.

Additional Product Information

  • Diamonds in Every Puff
  • Strain Variety
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant

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