devine tincture for dogs 300mg cbd bacon

Devine CBD Canine Tincture | 300mg


  • CBD Tincture For Dogs
  • 300mg Per Tincture
  • Bacon Flavored
  • 30mL Bottle

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Devine CBD Canine Tincture | 300mg

Elevate your pup’s well-being with the Devine CBD Canine Tincture – a wellness elixir crafted with care for your furry companion. Packed with 300mg of CBD goodness per bottle, this tincture offers approximately 10mg per dropper, providing a versatile and effective way to support your pet’s overall health. Tailored for canine bliss, each dropper delivers 10mg per 30lbs of your pet’s weight, and you can use it up to 3 times daily for a consistent wellness routine. Devine CBD ensures quality with NON GMO ingredients and rigorous lab testing, giving you peace of mind as you enhance your pet’s vitality.

Devine CBD Canine Tincture is more than just a supplement; it’s a holistic approach to your pet’s well-being. With 300mg of CBD per bottle, this tincture is a versatile wellness elixir designed to support your furry friend’s overall health. It’s the perfect addition to their daily routine. Tailoring CBD dosage to your pet’s needs is easy with Devine CBD Canine Tincture. Approximately 10mg per dropper ensures precise dosing, allowing you to cater to your pet’s specific requirements. It’s a personalized approach to canine wellness that ensures optimal results.

Understanding that every pup is unique, Devine CBD Canine Tincture offers a dosage guideline of 10mg per 30lbs of your pet’s weight. This weight-based approach ensures that your furry friend receives the right amount of CBD to support their individual needs. It’s a thoughtful touch that makes wellness personal. Use the tincture up to 3 times daily to integrate CBD support seamlessly into your pet’s routine. Whether you’re aiming to manage stress, support joint health, or enhance overall vitality, Devine CBD Canine Tincture provides versatile daily support. It’s a simple yet effective way to prioritize your pet’s well-being.

Quality is non-negotiable with Devine CBD Canine Tincture. Each batch undergoes rigorous lab testing to guarantee purity, potency, and safety. It’s a level of assurance that gives you confidence in the wellness journey you’re providing for your pet. Lab testing is not just a process; it’s a promise. Elevate your pet’s wellness routine with Devine CBD Canine Tincture – where precision, versatility, and quality meet in every drop.

Additional Product Information

  • Precise Dosage for Every Pup
  • Easy Administration for Pet Ease
  • Weight-Based Wellness
  • Lab Tested Assurance

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